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Couldn't recommend Ján more. I've been seeing him since September 2022 for pain in my neck and shoulder that I'd had for years and massages just couldn't fix. Before seeing him, I was in constant pain and was having to hold my arm just to ease it.

My posture improved almost instantly and within a few sessions the pain was so much more bareable. It's getting better each month and I definitely notice a difference if I can't make regular sessions.

Highly recommend if you have any joint pain!

After literally years of having a swollen, tender shoulder where some days I couldn't even lift my arm above my head where it was so stiff, it has now completely gone after a few weeks of adjustments with Ján, my spine was also constantly uncomfortable and I couldn't sit in certain positions for long, again now gone! These are just a few of many benefits I've had in the last few weeks!

Ján knew what problems I had the moment I walked through the door before me even telling him!

I come out of every session feeling better physically and mentally and Ján provides so much knowledge and makes me feel completely at ease during sessions.

He really is just incredible at what he does!

100% recommend... Ján really does know his stuff and works wonders on my neck and back very professional and provides a nice comfortable and relaxing atmosphere

What can I say. Ján is friggin awesome! I’ve been going to him for the last few months and I’ve noticed such a drastic difference in my posture and in my quality of breath as a result of continuous sessions. The treatment room is so therapeutic with plants and a beautiful water fountain to add to the calm vibe. Ján is such a down to earth guy too, and genuinely cares about helping people in any way he can. A truly magical human if you ask me

Ján was amazing with our daughter today. She had been getting pain when running/jumping. So relaxed she almost fell asleep. She is feeling much better!

fiest session today, Jan is professional talked through everything so I could understand. I didn't know what to expect, but my back feels great ! shoulders are back more than slouched forward !.thank you !!!

Highly recommended!!!

I have been to endless chiropractors and osteopaths in my time but Jan is outstanding. Not only had he helped me with my back problems from work and stress, but also my daughter who suffers from vertigo. He’s so calm and reassuring and really knows his stuff!

Always feel so much better every time I leave.

What can I say! I have seen Jan twice now and I feel really good walking out the room every time! A true gent and a great service provided everytime

Well, I have to start by saying Ján is absolutely the most amazing and beautiful human!! Not only is amazing at what he does, he's genuinely the kindest and sweetest person I think I've ever met!! And I know some sweeties!!!

I wanted to share how amazing I feel. Everything I've done since seeing Ján today has been so much easier.

The relief in my lower back this morning made me cry, the pain I thought Ján would ease completely gone!! It's been painful for many years now, and within half an hour it's gone!!

Driving my car (I've actually sat my seat more upright for the first time in about 8 years)

Carrying the baby around is much easier.

Laying on the bed with the baby tonight felt just amazing!!! Getting in and out of the bath was just fantastic!!!

Best of all the breathing!! I didn't realise how much my back problems effected my breathing. I literally feel like you've loosened a belt around my ribs.

Plus much more things I've realised as the day has gone on. Just simple things I never noticed before!!

I hand on heart think that Ján has definitely been put here to heal people!! Mentally and physically. He made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and happy.

He has a wonderful gift.

I'd also like to add, I took my 2 year old daughter with me and she was mesmerized by Ján, he was amazing with her, so kind hearted. She loved being in his company so much that she blew him kisses as we left.

JÁN.. Thank you for what you do!!!

Ps. I haven't stopped raving about you and your work!!!


Yet another amazing adjustment by Ján today in a calm and relaxing environment.

My neck and back have improved massively since going to see him. Everything is explained in great detail and he is always very professional!

Would definitely recommend

jan has been working on both myself and my step son for around a month and we have both seen a massive difference.

He is the only professional who has been able to relieve Jac of pain from scoliosis and sheumanns (? Can’t spell!?)

We both come for weekly adjustments- Jac due to his pain levels and myself because I’m a massage therapist my posture gives me discomfort and wow does it make a difference, my lower back pain is gone and Jac feels much better too.

He is professional, takes time to explain himself and is so knowledgeable in his field. It’s also nice to be adjusted in a more relaxing and holistic feeling environment.

Thanks so much jan

I’ve been seeing Jan now for a few months and feeling so much more supple after the sessions.

The realignment yesterday was awesome. Just what I needed .

If you don’t try , you won’t know if it helps you so would definitely recommend you have a go especially if your feeling that discomfort daily ..


Ján truly is a magician!

I was referred to Ján following years of struggling with my back - and he was able to make an immediate difference.

Honestly can’t thank him enough and definitely recommend him.

He’s a ‘cracking’ bloke

What can I say??

WOW, WOW, WOW.... I feel amazing, 10ft taller and so much more comfortable.

Jan is AMAZING, he has healing hands. So knowledgeable and made me feel completely at ease. I will definitely be a regular customer and will be recommending his services far and wide. Thank you

I would highly recommend everyone get adjusted by these wonderfully healing hands.

I have been training for a half ironman since having my son 7 months ago and was in constant pain. Running and esp swimming was so painful and uncomfortable I started to dread training.

Then I discovered Spinology and wow wow wow. I started smashing my training and last weekend competed at the Cotswolds classic middle distance triathlon and finished with a smile on my face.

Next up Ironman Wales... jàn you have a lot of work to do


I had my first session with Ján last week and was blown away by the service and impact of the treatment, the treatment room was calming and peaceful, everything was explained in detail and the treatment has improved my sleep, muscle aches and stress levels. I would highly recommend Spinology first

First session with Jàn today, what a difference it made, he knew the problems as soon as I stepped in the door! Would highly recommend!

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