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Spinologist Ján

Pioneering Spinologist and Holistic Health Advocate Ján Beytell, a trailblazer in the field of Spinology by being the first practicing Spinologist in the UK, brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to his practice. Let’s delve into his remarkable journey


In 2021, he achieved his qualification as a Spinologist, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter. But Ján’s journey didn’t stop there. He recognised the immense potential of Spinology—a discipline focused on optimising spinal health and nervous system function. Setting Up Practice in Ystrad Mynach, Wales. Here, the art of Spinology has flourished under his guidance. Clients seek him out for personalised care, knowing that Ján’s commitment to their well-being extends beyond mere adjustments. His holistic approach considers the intricate connections between the spine, nervous system, and overall vitality.


Teaching and Advocacy In 2022, Ján joined the teaching team at the UK Spinology School. His mission? To nurture a new generation of Spinologists who share his passion for unlocking the body’s innate potential. As the first practicing Spinologist in the UK, Ján imparts not only technical knowledge but also a deep understanding of the body’s wisdom.


Philosophy and Vision Ján’s philosophy revolves around the concept of spinal integrity. He believes that when the spine is free from interference (what Spinology calls “Spinal Occlusion”), the body functions optimally. Good nerve supply translates to vitality, resilience, and vibrant health. Ján’s vision extends beyond individual healing; he envisions a world where Spinology becomes an integral part of preventive healthcare.


Beyond the practice when Ján isn’t checking spines or mentoring students, you’ll find him furthering his learning in many ways to keep helping his clients as best he can. His commitment to lifelong learning drives him to stay at the forefront of Spinology research and techniques. 


Good nerve supply = optimal body function

Optimal body function = Best YOU that YOU can be




  • in health

  • in sports

  • in mood

  • in pep and energy

  • in memory

  • in mental acuity

  • in physical dexterity in coordination


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