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What is a Spinal Occlusion and what issues can a Spinal Occlusion cause in the body?

The brain and the spinal cord make up the central nervous system. The brain lies protected inside the skull and from there controls all the body functions by sending and receiving messages through the spinal cord that is protected by 24 moveable bones called vertebrae.

From the spinal cord there are spinal nerves that branch out to the rest of the body (Peripheral nervous system). The Nerves Exit from the Spine between the vertebrae

There is just enough room between the vertebrae, no more/no less for the nerves to pass through effectively as long as the vertebrae are in their ideal position.

Under ideal circumstances, the body’s own spinal muscles position and reposition vertebrae according to the body need.

When there are spinal misalignments (spinal occlusions), it causes an interference in communication within the body.

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