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Spinologist Lena

Early Beginnings and Massage Therapy Career Lena’s fascination with anatomy began during her massage therapy training. As an experienced massage therapist, she refined her ability to alleviate tension, promote relaxation, and enhance overall well-being. Her hands-on experience allowed her to witness the profound impact of touch on physical and emotional health. Lena’s journey from massage therapist to a leading pioneering woman in Spinology serves as an inspiration to all who seek holistic health and well-being.


Despite numerous setbacks, her dedication to the profession remains formidable. Her Transition to Spinology After having a few regular appointments with Jan Beytell, Lena soon came to realise the immense potential of Spinology and understood the importance of maintaining the communication within the nervous system. In January 2024 she qualified as a Spinologist.


This marked the beginning of an exciting chapter - a collaboration of the first Male and the First Female Spinologists in mainland UK working under one name - Spinology First.


Beyond the Clinic When Lena isn’t adjusting spines or promoting Spinology, she will likely be watching live music or having a stall at a craft and wellbeing fair, drawing positivity from the energy in the music or the people around her. Lena has a passion to contribute to the profession and has already begun putting things in place to help teach new students in the Cardiff school.

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